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Here at Nelson's, we're committed to selling only the finest, Black Angus beef. Nicely marbled, packed with flavor, sublimely tender, it's a difference you can TASTE. We hand trim in the shop and will custom cut your steaks and roasts so you get exactly what you want. And you never have to worry about the quality of your ground beef—it's all ground right here in the meat shop, so it's fresh and safe and you can know EXACTLY what went into it. Just Black Angus beef and nothing more. One steak or a whole side, you won't find better beef anywhere than right here at Nelson's Meat Market.

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Did you know that today's pork tenderloin is as lean as a boneless, skinless chicken breast? That's right! The USDA reports that the six common cuts of pork are leaner today than just 15 years ago and that makes it a great choice for the health-conscious consumer. High quality, lean protein fuels the body with vital nutrients while providing great flavor. And if you haven't experienced one of our hams, you're in for a real treat. Iowa produces some of the best pork in the world and Nelson's is committed to bringing it to you. Put Nelson's pork on your table tonight!

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Home Made Sausages

How many places do you know of that are making their own sausages? Grinding their own meats? Adding fresh ingredients and seasonings? Okay, a couple perhaps. But do they have more than two dozen different varieties? We have a HUGE selection of sausages, mild to spicy, to satisfy most every taste. And because we make them right here in the shop, we're always looking for new combinations. Make a suggestion! You never know—it could become our new favorite. Enjoy the best of our wursts!

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